Justin Pape is a designer currently located in Toronto, CA.

He is one half of the creative studio PACHlab, a studio with a focus on the development of objects, installations and studies into the stories that our materials tell.

His is a curator of Project 107 Gallery, a non-profit space that fosters artist development pushing experimentation through the lens of storytelling and impermanence in a building awaiting demolition.

Justin also runs a small edition label called Colony Collapse Editions and records music under the name Extempore.

With over 20 years of design experience, he has worked with a vast array of clients and mediums across North America, and has created objects and merchandise collected around the world. Referred to by past employers as a “Swiss-army knife”, his flexibility enables him to take on diverse requests and deliver creative turnkey solutions leading to reduction of stress, budget and timelines.

His current work is focused on a process-oriented exploration of natural, unconventional and/or repurposed materials, delving into topics of the environment and consumption, while rethinking the role of design in the future. By leaning into storytelling, each project is based around certain materials and their narrative. Questioning the value we assign to objects, the materials we choose to use and our habits of disposal, he is able to implement design processes that lessen their impact on our environment, and focus on materials that hold a narrative, inviting contemplation of their journey.

pape.justin @ gmail.com

instagram:  jpjustinpape

tiktok:  jpjustinpape

linkedin: jpjustinpape

DESIGN PORTFOLIO: justinpapedesign.com


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2023     Notice: A change is proposed. ACOTO at Ontario Science Centre (Toronto, Canada)
2023     Notice: A change is proposed. Project 107 (Toronto, Canada)
2012     A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad. CBNC (Los Angeles, USA)
2010     Rubbish. Million Fishes Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
2009     I Lose Track Of My Mind Sometimes. Gordon Daniel Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
2008     Fast Times. The Marquee (Halifax, Canada)
2006     We Kill You! Sacramento State University Union Gallery (Sacramento, USA)

2020     In Flux. Hullmark + Universal Music Canada (Toronto, Canada)
2020     Town Square. Milky’s Coffee (Toronto, Canada)
2020     Nike Airmax 30th. Livestock (Toronto, Canada)
2019     Mural. Dialog (Toronto, Canada)
2019     Knot On My Planet. Holt Renfrew (Toronto, Canada)
2019     Naica. The Funhouse (Toronto, Canada)
2019     Massive. Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Canada)