Art is for people. It is meant to be public. To better our experience, and inspire us to ask questions. These simple principles drive my practice, and guide my mission to create work that challenges our preconceptions of waste, worth, permanence, value, and benefit.

I believe achieving environmental harmony should be our greatest societal focus. Improving how we live with – and within – the systems we build, and the materials we use to build them, is where I see the disciplines of art, design, and science converging.

For the past decade of my 20 years as a creator, my focus has increasingly shifted to reuse and sustainability. I saw the amount of lasting waste created for the sake of art and was overwhelmed by it. I wondered if we changed the stories we told, about the materials we used, to make the objects we covet, we could create a paradigm shift. A revaluation of how we appreciate objects and materials, withan emphasis on impermanence and circularity, over permanence and longevity. From my early beginnings in the world of skateboarding and punk music I learned to see the beauty in mistakes and scars. It’s something I carry with me in my practice.

I seek to challenge our conventions of consumption, disposal, and waste. To work with communities in ways that promote greater involvement and interaction, and strengthen the relationship between audience and object. Inviting contemplation of our perceptions of potential, perfection, and permanence, all to promote an alternative way to create everything that colours our personal landscapes. To applaud and appreciate impermanence. Deemphasize longevity. Shine light on the inherent value of all materials, products, and by-products. Commune with the world we’ve built – and the one we’re leaving behind. By implementing design processes that lessens the impact on the environment, the narrative of the material comes to life, and invites this type of contemplation.

Nothing exists without its imperfections. Nothing is made to last forever. By embracing these truths, we can change our perspective on the creation and appreciation of objects that colour our built world, and build towards an alternate future.



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2023     Notice: A change is proposed. ACOTO at Ontario Science Centre (Toronto, Canada)
2023     Notice: A change is proposed. Project 107 (Toronto, Canada)
2012     A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad. CBNC (Los Angeles, USA)
2010     Rubbish. Million Fishes Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
2009     I Lose Track Of My Mind Sometimes. Gordon Daniel Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
2008     Fast Times. The Marquee (Halifax, Canada)
2006     We Kill You! Sacramento State University Union Gallery (Sacramento, USA)

2020     In Flux. Hullmark + Universal Music Canada (Toronto, Canada)
2020     Town Square. Milky’s Coffee (Toronto, Canada)
2020     Nike Airmax 30th. Livestock (Toronto, Canada)
2019     Mural. Dialog (Toronto, Canada)
2019     Knot On My Planet. Holt Renfrew (Toronto, Canada)
2019     Naica. The Funhouse (Toronto, Canada)
2019     Massive. Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Canada)